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Sant Satguru of Radhasoami Faith

Lila Vilas

Epic 1

Param Purush Puran Dhani

Soamiji Maharaj & Huzur Maharaj

Chapter One

The Mystery of Incarnation and the Incarnation of a Sant

From the point of view of spirituality, India enjoys a unique place in the world. 

To understand this properly, it is necessary to understand what an incarnation is and what the secrets of incarnations are. 

Indian mythology mentions ‘Dashavatar’ or ten incarnations.  

When we understand the mystical meaning of these ten incarnations, we will be able to see how higher spirituality entered the earth via India.

The very first incarnation was called Matsya Avatar, incarnation of Vishnu in the form of a fish. 

After this,  a higher level of spirituality appeared in the form of Koorma Avatar, an incarnation in the form of a tortoise.  

Later, spirituality higher than that emerged in the form of Varaha Avatar, incarnation in the form of a boar. 

Thus, the first three avatars appeared in animal forms. 

The next one was the Narasimha Avatar.

Narasimha had the face of a lion and the body of a man. 

Thus this incarnation was in the form of half animal and half man. 

After this, in course of time incarnations of increasingly superior spirituality descended in human forms which included Parashurama, Rama and Krishna. 

Thus, the arrival of Avatars on this earth, indicates how the level of spirituality has been upgrading across the entire history of creation.

The entire creation appears immense and unfathomable to us. 

It has not been comprehended by the Scientists worldwide.

They confess that they have not fully understood even one billionth part of the whole creation.

The knowledge of the universes of Pind, Anda and Brahmand is available to us through the mystical writings of Rishis, Yogis and incarnations of India. 

They did not reveal these secrets to everyone.

The special people who were eligible to receive their teachings were selected by the incarnations and the knowledge of higher worlds were passed on to them.

The meaning  of the word ‘Avatar’, that stands for incarnation, means: ‘to descend’. 

This indicates that superior spiritual entities have descended on this earth from another world, regardless of whichever form they might have been born in. 

The secrets up to the level from where the incarnations descended, were revealed to the world at that time.

The initial incarnations of Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, etc. took place in order to protect the earth and increase its spiritual capacity. 

The incarnations that took the human form, revealed the secrets of the sphere they belonged to. 

Kala is a word that stands for the measurement of spiritual power. 

The incarnation of Parashu Ram had the power of 8 kalas... Rama was a 12 kala Avatar and... Krishna was a complete Avatar of 16 kalas.

From this it becomes clear that creation exists at different levels and is graded in terms of increasing amount of spirituality. 

The incarnations up to the level of Krishna were forms of Kal and Maya. 

Although they had descended on this earth from a very high level of spiritual sphere, they could not reveal the secrets of the spheres beyond their level, because they themselves were ignorant of the top most spheres.

The people on this earth, in Satyug , Treta and Dwaparyug , belonged to the Eishwar Koti, that is, they were lower level god-like beings. 

They had tremendous physical and mental strength.  

But because of this, they did not have the capacity or inclination to undertake the spiritual practice or devotion of the highest order. 

Awakening the subtle internal power of the Surat, the spirit, necessitated a different kind of preparation, which included losing the physical and mental power.

Now we are in Kaliyug.

People have gradually lost their physical and mental powers to a large extent.

This has made them eligible to receive the knowledge of the highest level of spirituality. 

Therefore, during this period, many Sadh, mahatma, and Santh have appeared on this earth. 

If a list of Sadhs and Sants who arrived on this earth, in the last seven to eight hundred years were to be prepared, it would include: 

Garib das... Dulan das...  Charan das... Naabaji... Dariyaa Saheb... Raidas... Soordas... Shams Tabraej... Mansour... Sarmad...Moinuddeen Chishti... Guru Naanak... Jagjeevan Saheb... Paltu Saheb, and Tulsi Saheb of Haathras.

However, it is Kabir Saheb who did the groundwork on this earth, for the preparation of establishing a type of bhakti known as the: Surat Shabd Yoga, the highest order of bhakthi, which can take the bhakth to the final abode.

After that Soamiji Maharaj incarnated in Pannigali, Agra, in the year 1818. 


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