Sant Satguru of Radhasoami Faith

Lila Vilas

Epic 1

Param Purush Puran Dhani

Soamiji Maharaj & Huzur Maharaj

This book 'Lila Vilas' is in Gujarati. Some part of the book has been translated in English. Audio version of the book is shared here.

In British Voice

Chapter One

The Mystery of Incarnation and the Incarnation of a Sant

Chapter 2

Radhasoami Dayal

Chapter 3

Gurumukh and Nija Ansh

Chapter 4

The Beginning Years

Chapter 5

Awesome Satsang

Chapter 6

Guru and Gurumukh

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Holy Letters

Chapter 9

Ajaayab Purush

Chapter 10